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North Branch Potomac River and Savage River


Updated:      SEP 20, 2019 at 10:44 AM

  20-Sep-2019 21-Sep-2019 22-Sep-2019
Jennings Randolph   ~225 cfs ~225 cfs ~225 cfs
Savage River   ~50 cfs ~50 cfs ~50 cfs


Savage River Releases
A whitewater recreational release from Savage River Dam is scheduled for Saturday, September 28, 2019. The release is scheduled to be 1,000 cfs from 10AM to 4PM. Times for ramping and the after-event flow will be announced next week on the web site (see below).

This will be the final whitewater recreational release from Savage River Dam in 2019.

Releases from Jennings Randolph Lake and Savage River Dam are made for a variety of purposes. The flow values cited above are the expected releases from each dam and may be increased or decreased without prior notice, depending on changing climatic and hydrologic conditions.

  Jennings Randolph Lake Savage River Dam
Weekend of Whitewater Non
Varied Flow
icon1 icon2 icon3 icon4
30-31 March        
6-7 April   star    
13-14 April star      
20-21 April   star    
27-28 April star      
4-5 May   star    
11-12 May star      
18-19 May   star    
25-26 May star      
1-2 June       star (SAT, 1 JUN)
8-9 June   star    
15-16 June        
22-23 June   star    
29-30 June        
6-7 July       star (SUN, 7 JUL)
13-14 July   star    
20-21 July        
27-28 July   star    
3-4 Aug        
10-11 Aug   star    
17-18 Aug        
24-25 Aug     star (SAT-SUN, 24-25 AUG)  
31 Aug - 1 Sep   star    
7-8 Sep        
14-15 Sep     star (SAT-SUN, 14-15 SEP)  
21-22 Sep   star    
28-29 Sep       star (SAT, 28 SEP)
5-6 Oct   star    
12-13 Oct        
19-20 Oct   star    
26-27 Oct        
2-3 Nov   star    
9-10 Nov        
16-17 Nov   star    
23-24 Nov        

icon1 Up to four 2-day whitewater releases from Jennings Randolph Lake may be made during the spring, as indicated in Column 2. These events are sponsored by the Mineral County Parks and Recreation. You can call them at (304) 788-5732 for further information.

icon2 Large releases from Jennings Randolph Lake are usually avoided on the weekends indicated in Column 3, unless such releases are needed as a result of highwater conditions, downstream water supply needs, or other unforeseen circumstances.

icon3 Water quality releases from Jennings Randolph Lake that are suitable for whitewater recreation may be made on selected weekends during the summer and fall, provided stream conditions are suitable and sufficient water is available. Such releases are usually confirmed about 2 to 4 weeks in advance. Check this website regularly for updates, or call a telephone recording at (410) 962-7687.

icon4 Up to three 1-day whitewater releases from Savage River Dam may be made during the spring, summer and fall as indicated in Column 5. Whitewater releases from Savage River Reservoir are sponsored by the Adventuresports Institute of Garrett College in cooperation with the Upper Potomac River Commission.