Gathright Dam Releases
Gathright Dam Releases

Current and Projected near-term Releases

Updated:       MAY 30, 2016

at 0700 hours
Release   400 cfs 300 - 400 cfs
Streamgage Stage   9.4 feet 9.2 - 9.4 feet


There Are No Plans To Change Releases Today.

Releases from Gathright Dam are made for a variety of purposes. The flow values cited above are the expected releases and may be increased or decreased without prior notice, depending on changing climatic and hydrologic conditions.

Reference location for the flow and streamgage stage values is the USGS Streamgage (02011800) located 0.5 miles downstream of Gathright Dam.

Reference Releases and Stream Stages
Release Streamgage Stage   Release Streamgage Stage
150 cfs 8.8 feet 2,500 cfs 11.8 feet
300 cfs 9.2 feet 5,000 cfs 13.3 feet
600 cfs 9.8 feet 7,500 cfs 14.4 feet
1,200 cfs 10.7 feet 10,000 cfs 15.3 feet

(1) Releases between 150 cfs and 1,200 cfs are made during non Flood Release Operations.
(2) Releases above 1,200 cfs are made during Flood Release Operations.